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Underground Music in Bandung

November 24, 2010

In Bandung, around early 1994 there were legendary music studio that became the forerunners of underground rock scene there. Reverse his name studios located in the area Sukasenang. The establishment of this studio was conceived by Richard Mutter (then drummer PAS) and Helvi. When growing Reverse then expanded its business by opening a distribution (the acronym of the distribution) that sells CDs, cassettes, posters, t-shirts, and various other imported accessories. Apart from distribution, Richard also formed an independent label that releases his first 40.1.24 in 1997 is a compilation CD titled “The once very beautiful linings.” Indie bands who participated in this compilation include Burger Kill, Puppen, Papi , Rotten To The Core, Full of Hate and Waiting Room, as the only band from Jakarta.

Bands that had been raised by community Reverse include PAS and Puppen. PAS itself in 1993 to carve history as the first Indonesian band released the album independently. Mini album titled “Four Through The SAP” 5000 sold out cassette in a short amount of time. Mastermind who gave birth to the idea of releasing an album independently PAS is a (late) Samuel Marudut. He was Music Director Radio GMR, a rock radio station in Indonesia who often play a recording demos amateur rock bands from Bandung, Jakarta and surrounding areas. Tragically, in early 1995 Marudut found dead lifeless at the residence of Krishna Sucker Head in Jakarta. Surprisingly, this death, according to Krishna, accompanied by the song The End of the album Best of The Doors who played the tape in the room Krisna. Meanwhile Puppen formed in 1992 is one of the local hardcore pioneers who until his death in 2002 had released three albums namely, Not A Pup EP (1995), MK II (1998) and Puppen s / t (2000). Pure Saturday followed by a self-titled album. The album was later assisted his promotion by O Magazine. Cubic also experienced the same thing, by way of a bonus cassette 3 songs before the release of his album.

Slightly to the east, still in Bandung as well, we’ll find a community that became the epicenter of underground metal in there, Berung Edge community. Formerly in this area could stand a lot of meritorious Studio Palapa raise underground rock bands body types, Forgotten, Sacrilegious, Sonic Torment, Morbus Corpse, Tympanic Membrane, Infamy, Burger Kill, and so forth. It was here then in early 1995 published the first Indonesian music fanzine called Revograms Zine. Dinan editor, is the vocalist of the band Sonic Torment has a unique single titled “Talking Dagger.” Revograms Zine had recorded three times and all material published in it discuss metal bands / local and international hardcore.

Then taklama then fanzine indie like Swirl, Thirteen, Burning Boundaries and others enliven the indie media. Ripple and Trolley emerged as a magazine that discusses trends in Bandung and also lifestylenya subculture. Trolley bankrupt in 2002, while Ripple pocket change from magazine to magazine format standard. While generally photocopied fanzine which until now still continue to exist. He cried in Bandung is not only an advanced extreme music but also indie pop scene. Since Pure Saturday show, various indie pop or alternative bands, such as Cherry Bombshell, Sieve, White Rice until the latest such as The Milo, Mocca, Homogenic. Similarly, the ska scene that actually existed long before the big ska trend. Bands like Noin Bullet and Agent Skins have long brought the genre of this music.

Anyone who has witnessed the underground rock concert in Bandung would not forget the famous Saparua GOR to the various corners of the country. For indie bands, the venue is like a sacred building full of magical power. Band anywhere outside Bandung if not in `godfather ‘here yet Afdhal taste. Artifacts subculture of Bandung’s most legendary underground this is a main witness some phenomenal rock show like Hullabaloo, Bandung Bandung noisy until Underground. The number of spectators each events over relatively spectacular, between 5000 – 7000 spectators! Ticket entry only to be traded with all the fantastic price by the middlemen. Maybe this is a separate record of unsolved to date in Indonesia to show the size of underground rock.

Had dubbed as a barometer of underground rock in Indonesia, Bandung is a city that offers a million clever ideas for the progress of the national scene. Distributions boom that swept across Indonesia today also pioneered by the city. The success selling indie album in the tens of thousands of pieces that the band experienced Mocca also originated from this city. Even Burger Kill, Indonesia hardcore band who first signed a contract with a major label, Sony Music Indonesia, also grew up in this city. Not to mention the magazine Trolley (RIP) and that seemed to be a reincarnation Ripple Aktuil in the present, remain loyal to provide coverage for the largest share of local indie bands cool kind of coil, Cubic, Balcony, The Bahamas, Blind To See, Rocket Rockers, The Milo , Teenage Death Star, Communal until the SIGIT Please check webzine Bandung, Death Rock Star to prove it. Native, the city this one is not no death!


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