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Lais Ribeiro in the new Victoria’s Secret ad

August 16, 2011

Oh, hey there Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, Lais Ribeiro. What you up to? Just chilling in bed, rolling around, smiling and looking all sexy, are ya? Thought so. And what’s that you’re wearing? Cotton underwear, which is not only very comfortable and extremely practical but looks pretty frickin’ awesome, too? We thought so. But why, Lais Ribeiro, are you wearing this attire?
“This cotton bra is so comfy makes it feel like I’m not even wearing one at all…

No, actually, is the answer to the above questions. We’ll tell you why Lais Ribeiro is dressed this way, because, turns out Lais Ribeiro wasn’t just having a great time at home, frolicking around in her underwear being all smiley and lovely. It turns out Lais Ribeiro is actually modelling Victoria’s Secret’s latest range of cotton underwear. She has deceived us all. 

Well, in fairness, the term ‘all’ may be a bit much, but she definitely deceived those of us that stopped watching the video after it stopped focusing on her underwear and just her face (as lovely as her face is), which, let’s be honest, was most of us. The reason for this: because none of us actually watch Victoria’s Secret adverts to check out their latest range, we just want to see hot girls in lingerie.
Polka-dots are definitely in this season

So, yeah, if you are interested in what Victoria’s Secret have on offer, then you’ll be interested to hear they’ve made some cotton underwear (Did we mention that already?) Those crazy cats. Who would’ve thunk it? In this day and age? Cotton underwear. Ha. What will they do next? Jumpers made out of wool? Jeans made out of denim? Shoes made out of leather? The possibilities really are endless.
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