Wasn’t it a great Summer we had? All four days of it? God, what a time that was. Cider on the grass, Frisbee in the park, sitting outside in cafés, long sunset walks home avoiding rioters – classic. It’s all over now, though, you’ll note. All gone. 
Doutzen Kroes for Victoria's Secret
Doutzen Kroes’ zebra disguise was ineffective at best
Britain is once again grey and bleak like that bit in The Matrix where Morpheus shows Neo the harvesting fields (except without the efficient work ethic of the machines, obviously) and we can at least take solace in the fact that the rain will make stuff marginally harder to set on fire.
Candice Swanepoel gets sexy for Victoria's Secret
Similarly, Candice Swanepoel failed to blend in with ANY leopards
But hey, cheer up! It’s still Summer in America! America, land of both Deep-Fried Butter on a Stick (we’re not kidding, watch the video behind that link, these people are insane) and Victoria’s Secret. Truly a land of dualities. 
On account of it being summer, the aforementioned Victoria’s Secret have released some new bikinis, and wrapped them around some gorgeous women in the hope of people buying more of them.
Doutzen Kroes for Victoria's Secret
Doutzen lifts a horse clean over her head (horse not pictured)
A solid plan indeed. It’s certainly worked for them in the past. While we’re not huge purchasers of bikinis, we are big fans of them in a passive sense. So we figured – why not publish a bunch of photos of the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes wearing said items and looking all summery, to warm us up as the long, dark English Winter begins its inexorable approach?
Candice Swanepoel gets sexy for Victoria's Secret
Candice then lifted the same horse [again not pictured] one-handed, just to show off
And here we are. So, you know, enjoy. Don’t know what they’ll do once it gets cold in the States, though. Maybe release a line of sexy scarves and thermal underwear? We’d probably still give it a look.